In the best homes, fine design and luxe interiors go hand ­in ­hand. At Ray of Light, we can infuse your interior with new life and exclusive elegance with our wide array of custom interior services. Popular looks include faux finishes, Venetian and clay plasters, and interior paints and glazes. We’re here to help you achieve your dream design ­­ a look that truly elevates your home’s natural style.

Why Faux Finish?

Faux finishing brings designer character to any room. Known for adding warmth, style, and elegance, a beautifully painted faux finish elevates your home’s sense of luxury. Hues of copper, orange, and pale yellow give your home the warmth of the Mediterranean.


Where to Faux?

Faux finishing isn’t just for walls. Use faux on your home’s ceiling, crown moulding, baseboards, wainscoting, pillars, and columns for an inclusive look. While faux finishing can transport your home to centuries past, it can just as easily deliver it to the doorstep of ultra­modern distinction. Popular metallic faux finishes and faux leather looks lend an edgy, of­the­moment style. The transformative power of a modern faux finish may surpass your expectations.

Faux Finish
Faux Finish
Faux Finish
Custom Interiors

Venetian Plaster

Homeowners choose Venetian Plaster for its rich, luxe appeal and incredible design versatility. Create a weathered, Old World theme or an ultra­modern look by layering plaster with stains, waxes, metallics, and glazes for elegant textures and captivating dimension.

The are Many Styles of Venetian Plaster

A simple, sophisticated matte effect gives your space a contemporary edge. Mix in metallic mica powders in bronze, champagne, or antique silver for stylish iridescence and sheen. Add elegant warmth and rustic appeal with a distressed, weathered finish.

Clay Plaster

Clay plasters are an ideal choice when your interior requires a luxe, matte finish. Whether designing for Southwestern charm or a Contemporary edge, clay plasters deepen the richness of your home with their subtle textures and colors.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster


Ray Hernandez believes that applying plaster is not just another ordinary step in a home project, it’s an artistic process.

Ray and his craftsmen combine the latest plaster finishing techniques with their artisanal vision to achieve the finest results for your home. Through practiced troweling, coloring, and layering methods, they achieve a high­design outcome unsurpassed by other Valley plaster designers. You’ll never have a chunky, slapped­on surface or a rushed application; Ray of Light invests the time it takes to do the job exactly right.

The Artisanal Advantage

Brighten Your Home’s Interior with Paint Transform a plain interior into an luxurious colorscape with paint. Master Craftsman Ray Hernandez’s extensive color training and eye for design offers you and your home an artistic advantage. Ray begins each project with a color consultation to carefully learn your personal design aesthetic and choose colors that will heighten or transform your home’s style.

Ray and his team then take great care in preparing your rooms and surfaces to avoid drips or streaks. All surfaces are coated with a primer base and multiple coats of pigmented paint. Special attention is paid to ensuring paints are applied with the correct viscosity, that all edging and trim work is precise, and that optimum drying times are observed.

Hundreds of Color Choices

Choose from your preferred paint brand and colors, or ask us to custom mix hues especially for your project. Whichever you choose, our craftsmen will ensure the results measure up to the excellence in quality you expect.


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Brighten Your Home’s Interior. Transform a plain interior into an luxurious colorscape with paint.